Tooth Colored Filling

North Reading Family Dentistry understands its patient’s need for having their teeth look natural as they talk, laugh and smile. Therefore, we offer tooth-colored dental filling in North Reading that is able to restore the natural appearance of a decayed tooth. Because of the fact that these fillings blend well with your tooth enamel, our expert dentists will recommend them if you require filling near the front of your mouth.

Dental Filling – The Procedure

While the tooth filling procedure doesn’t take long—usually a few minutes—your dentist at North Reading may take X-rays, explain you the procedure and complete dental work. Therefore, prepare to spend at least an hour at the dentist’s.

Before filling the cavity or cavities, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth to prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure. After that, they will drill out all the decay present in tooth and finally fill it in.

Even though your mouth will feel numb for some time after the tooth-colored filling procedure, there won’t be any risks you would have to worry about. However, feel free to contact us right away if you feel discomfort afterwards.

Who Needs Tooth Fillings?

Commonly, tooth fillings are carried out to fill cavities. Letting tooth cavities stay unattended for a long time can result in excessive damage to tooth and eventually, tooth loss. Moreover, fillings are also used to restore conditions, such as damage caused by teeth grinding, cracked or broken tooth, etc.

The dentists at North Reading will conduct a proper examination of your mouth in order to find if there are any signs of decay and damage. Upon reaching a definitive diagnosis, they will discuss various treatment options with you so as to keep you well informed and included.

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