Gum Therapy

Gum Therapy in North Reading is an oral deep cleaning process essential for people suffering with periodontal disease. Less commonly known as pyorrhea, which begins due to the inflammation of the gums causing bacteria growth, persistently deteriorating oral health. With the help of deep cleaning, a person suffering from the disease can seek aid against it.

Possible Symptoms

Upon visiting, a dentist will perform careful evaluation of the mouth and take gum measurements. A gum measurement that is good to go is one under 3 mm. But if the width exceeds 3mm and the gum appears all red and swollen. Other symptoms the patient complains about include never leaving bad breath, gum bleeding while brushing, receding gum and increased space between teeth. All of these mean there is serious need of intervention to stop further possible bad things from happening.

Gum therapy in North Reading becomes mandatory at this point.

What The Dentist Will Do?

Upon confirm diagnosis of periodontal disease the Dentist will begin treatment by numbing the gum tissue and teeth to painlessly efface the tartar stored below the gum line. Meticulously scaling off tartar and plaque from the tooth and its root.

If the problem does not resolve with plain tartar removing technique, the dentist might have to perform adjunctive therapy. This essential therapy includes antimicrobial rinses, localized antibiotics or salivary testing.

Lack of care and proper treatment on time can enable the bacteria presence to cause adverse effects by pulling away the gum tissue creating pockets, eventually causing tooth loss. Along with weakening of the other things supporting the tooth, the jawbone comes under the risk of potential destruction too.