Dental Crown

In contrast to dentures that are removable at will, Dental Crown in North Reading is a permanently fixed prosthetic device. The crown that is also known as a dental cap is used by a dentist to disguise a destroyed tooth. Hiding it away while protecting it against further deterioration too. It is applied over the tooth to improve the shape, alignment and appearance of it. Dental crown can be placed single or in various numbers depending upon their need.

Dental Crown In North Reading

A dental crown can be made using a type of cemented material that does not melt away or break off easily, such as acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, or gold and metal alloys.

The Process

Before a Dental Crown will be cemented on the gum, the dentist will rub the original tooth and reduce it to a small size. This tooth rubbing is an essential stage that will occur prior to the placement of the crown; allowing space for proper fixture. After that the dentist will take an impression of the space and design a mold as per that. Once the mold has been designed in the dental lab, the cement will be poured into it and left to harden. After drying the dental crown in North Reading will be fixed on the gum.

Who Needs A Dental Crown?

Anybody planning to enhance the outlook of their misaligned, broken or oddly shaped teeth can pursue for dental crowns. However those who undergo a root canal treatment are in dire need of dental crown because the tooth has been drilled open; cleaned out thoroughly inside out, from deep within the roots. It requires to be sealed off and safeguarded against future contamination, in this case, a dentist will place dental crown in North Reading on the tooth of a root canal treated patient.