Pediatric Dentistry – North Reading

North Reading Family Dentistry offers Pediatric Dentistry for children from their infancy to teenage. Our team has the qualifications and experience to take care a child’s gums, teeth and mouth as they go through the various stages of childhood.

Children start getting their milk teeth from as early as when they are 6 months of age. When they get to 6-7 years old, they begin to lose their baby teeth to permanent, secondary teeth. This transition is often very painful for children and proper dental and oral care is recommended so as to prevent dental caries and other diseases.

The Need For Pediatric Dentistry

Children are often very un-cooperative and impatient during medical or dental exams. Not all dentists are trained for keeping up with children during dental exams. Only Pediatric Dentists go through special training to treat children in a way that they are comfortable. Moreover, the equipment these dentists have are designed while keeping children in mind and therefore, are much less daunting than regular ones. Moreover, the overall décor at the pediatric dentist’s office is also kept colorful, such as vibrant walls, engaging murals, fish tanks at the waiting room, games and kids magazines in the waiting area, etc. These factors ensure that kids will be comfortable in the area and will be happy to return after a few months if need be.

A Pediatric Dentist has a variety of treatment options and the appropriate training and expertise to take good care of your child’s teeth and gums. If the pediatric dentist at North Reading suggests that your child needs a dental exam, you can rest assured that we will provide your child the best care and treatment.

Treatment Offered At North Reading Family Dental

Here, at North Reading, we provide these treatments in Pediatric Dentistry.

Oral health checkups for infants and mothers to detect the early signs of dental caries.

Preventive oral and dental care including fluoride treatments and cleanings.

Diet and nutrition recommendations

Habit counseling that involves guidance for leaving pacifiers and thumb sucking.

Diagnosis and treatment of cavities and teeth defects.

Diagnosis and management of oral and dental conditions.

Management of dental injuries.

Bring Your Child To North Reading Family Dentistry

If you believe your child needs a dentist, bring them over to North Reading Family Dentistry! Our dentists and dental assistants are experts in their field, have compassion towards their patients and work towards the patients’ well-being. That being said, our staff maintains a happy atmosphere and are super helpful! Therefore, you can rest assured we will take care of your child’s teeth with dedication and love.