Denture Implants In North Reading

Denture implants are achieved by placing implants deep within the gum for creating bridges and screwing the denture over them.

The process will be of several usually 5-7 months, requiring evaluation, creation, implant placement, healing period and final denture placement.

The Stages of Denture Implants

You will find description of each stage below:

Evaluation: A dentist will carefully measure the space between the upper and lower jaws to create a denture model. With proper CT scans to he will also assess the space on the gum to place required implants and make a dental bridge with them. Denture supported with implants are either fixed or removable, your dentist will discuss both types before selecting one to your feasibility. Removable ones need to be taken off before bed time and cleaned properly.

Creation: After the model has been made, he will determine its color, space and ease (in wearing) by placing it in the mouth of the user. In case there needs to be any rectification he can do that before making the final piece.

The denture will then be made with the mold and the implant procedure will begin.

Surgeries: the required gum areas for implant placement will be drilled and a titanium made prosthetic device will be placed deep within the gums along with an abutment over them. With a gap of 3-6 months for the implant to fuse with the bone, the second surgery will take place by making slight incisions in the gum in order to expose the top of the implant for denture fixture.

However with recent technological advancements, denture implants in North Reading are also done with single stage surgery in which the dentist will place the implant along with the supporting bar in one go.

Healing and placement: After the Implant surgery, and upon proper healing, the fixed or removable dentures will be placed. Final assessment of their performance will be done, then the patient will be good to go.

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One can maximize the wellbeing and life of the implant supported dentures with persistent care and regular follow ups with the dentist.

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