Dental Implant Supported Crowns

Dental implants have come to an extreme popularity with the growing age. Due to their effectiveness and reliability, North Reading Family Dentistry is flooded with appointments for the best dental implants in North Reading.

Implant-supported crowns are the artificial crowns that are part of the dental implant process and inserted into the implanted tooth after the surgical procedure. If you have lost a tooth and don’t want to go through a procedure that involves or affects other teeth, an implant-supported crown offers the flexibility to just replace the missing tooth.

North Reading Family Dentistry offers expertise in implant-supported crowns, we offer high-quality and reliable implant-supported crowns to help you regain the beautiful smile.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Every dentist’s primary focus will be to protect your natural teeth because nothing can match up to their level. However if you have inevitably lost your tooth, from one to several teeth, the dentist can replace the empty gum space with dental implants that are unmovable and long lasting. Anybody with healthy jaw bones can avail this service.

Dental Implants and Supported Dental Crown

The dentist will take appropriate scans to evaluate the gum area, the jaw bone, and that the dental implant surgery will not create hindrance for any ongoing nerve and effectively avoid it. The Implant is made of a metal called titanium and is surgically placed deep in the jaw bone with an abutment. It takes about several months for the implant to fuse with the jaw bone. In the second stage of the surgery the gum tissue will be slightly incised to make the abutment protrude out to screw the tooth on; and it will be left to heal too.

Dental implant can be used for one tooth and in case for several teeth they can be implanted as bridges to fix several teeth in one go. The implant bridges screwing two teeth while other joint to them placed in between the supporting bridges.

Once the mouth accepts the foreign body and everything perfectly heals, the doctor will make a prosthetic tooth, measuring carefully the requirement for the size of the dental crown to be screwed on the implant abutment.

Molded in a model (made prior to final crown formation); the implant supported dental crown will be made with a ceramic material. It is strong and does not break off with normal usage. With the dental crown fixed, the dental implants will restore you teeth, although not natural, but still enabling you to eat normally and socialize with confidence.

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